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Speedshift is the solution for safe, independent 3rd party fabrication coordination. As owner's representatives on projects, Speedshift will support field construction activities by keeping owners apprised of actual, demonstrable progress. And by helping fabrication shops exceed owner expectations safely we help make fabrication shops more competitive.

Materials and quality issues on projects and in operations quickly add significant costs. If problems arise and teams aren't informed, costs escalate quickly.

  • Costs related to craneage or mobilized tradesmen escalate quickly if material does not show up when expected.

  • Incomplete packages sent to the field take site staff away from operational roles.

  • The inability to receive, find or ship materials slows construction.

  • Fabrication quality issues transferred to the field have significant costs.

  • Non-Conformances or Requests for Information are often not closely stewarded, which can lead to field confusion.

  • Construction confusion on owner standards (or to the wrong standard) leads to rework, escalating materials costs and delays.

  • The requirement for a sub-contractor to complete work to the right quality, cost or schedule can lead to delays if not properly managed.


Let Speedshift support your project from start to finish with a track record of excellence.

Project Planning Support

As projects start up or when they are starting to go off the rails, Speedshift is there to support with a dedicated team of experienced professionals who have significant expertise in the industrial space. We can support purchasing planning, contracting strategy, materials planning, materials systems selection, and construction support at whatever stage you find your project. With extensive experience in off-site modular fabrication coordination and on-site quality support, as well as significant lessons learned, detailed quality processes and change procedures, Speedshift can support your project from planning to execution.

Quality Assurance Support

Beyond the certifications, our team members are just that... team players focused on supporting project owners and fabricators achieve and exceed client expectations safely. 


Our team members bring extensive knowledge of QA/QC requirements and practical experience in a wide variety of industry standards and codes (ASME, ASTM, API, CSA, ABSA etc), and a host of technical qualifications including CGSB, ASNT Level I/II, RT, UT, MT, PT. As well, our team members bring a wide variety of certifications including Canadian Welding Bureau Level I, II & III Welding Inspectors, NACE Level I/II Coating Inspectors, and API pressure vessel, pressure piping and tankage.  

Speedshift brings quality standards, substantial turnover expertise, template Inspection Test Plans, and a project wide, schedule driven focus with our team.

Materials Management Support

Project success requires Engineering, Materials and Construction to work seamlessly together. Historically we have seen challenges between the hand-off from Engineering to Construction, with materials being left in the lurch. According to the Construction Owners Association of Alberta, 23%+ of rework is tied to materials and equipment supply. Speedshift can help decrease rework by ensuring the 5 rights of materials: the right materials, in the right place of the right quality, at the right time with the right documentation.

Speedshift supports the full purchasing cycle from contract formation or materials requisitions to PO's, expediting, receipt, care and preservation, to turnover. With extensive experience and expertise in supporting projects already begun, Speedshift can support your project if it is just starting, or if it is facing materials challenges. Partnered with industry leading commodity code management through Seer360 and materials management software experts Jovix, our team brings leading edge solutions to your materials challenges.



Speedshift is dedicated to providing construction integration services for industrial operations and projects in and around the Alberta market. Founded at the beginning of 2010, Speedshift has supported projects up to $2B by providing Owner / EPC representative services, purchasing services and materials management for our clients ranging from major refurbishment reviews to significant multi-year module and capital expansion programs.

We have also successfully developed quality, safety and materials programs for clients interested in entering the Canadian market, and have supported fabricators in their journey towards excellence by providing experienced technical support staff.

Our mission is to provide solutions to clients that integrate their construction programs safely.

We do this by acting as expert eyes and ears in fabrication shops, using experienced resources for a number of key services:

Project Management Support
  • Construction Plan Development, Execution and Stewardship

Quality Assurance
  • Quality Program Development, ITP validation, witnessing, audit functions on QC activities, walkdowns, punch list development and resolution, turnover package development.

Contract Management
  • Selection and Management of Third Party Services, Kick-off Meetings, RFI, NCR, Progress Meetings

Materials Purchasing & Materials Management
  • Material Planning, Commodity Code Implementation, Material Purchasing, Material Expediting, Materials Management, Material Storage, Care and Preservation Auditing, Jovix support

  • We also have the capability to support materials transportation and logistics through contract partners

Project Schedule and Cost Reporting
  • Schedule Development, Reporting, Progress, Risk Management and Actuals

Construction Coordination
  • Contractor Execution, Risk Mitigation, Stakeholder interfacing, Validation and integration with site construction schedules, recommendations for fabrication shops


We started Speedshift when we saw that site construction was often being undermined by modules and engineered packages that arrived late, of the wrong quality, to the wrong spec or with no notice that it is shipping. Modules would show up late or incomplete resulting in cranes, welders, fabricators & project management staff waiting or having to conduct expensive field repairs / field rework. The move to lump-sum, unit rate & convertible lump sum is increasing the need for module transparency as owners and EPC’s don’t have time or local manpower to directly manage fabricators. And fabricators are increasingly pressured by manpower availability and time leading to execution challenges. We work as part of the team to ensure that the project is a success, and are less interested in pointing fingers than finding solutions.

Our team has partnered with software and hardware experts in the industry to provide seamless end-to-end solutions to manage construction progress, materials and quality. We have developed partnerships with leading companies such as Seer360 and Jovix to support integrated technology around materials tracking, documentation management and quality assurance.

We are focused on projects executed for the Alberta market such as modules, barges, dredges, shovels, pump houses, pump skids, e-houses, transformers, compressor packages, exchanger bundles, pressure vessels, and pipe spools. We can also support contractor and fabricator oversight throughout the US.



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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 1-877-296-0942 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

7710-34 Street NW, Edmonton Alberta, Canada T6B 3J6

Tel: 780-468-5880


To apply for a job with Speedshift, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get more information: 1-877-296-0942

Management Consultants

Unlocking financial value for our clients by accelerating operational performance, Randhawa Consulting develops comprehensive business cases for the changes we bring to materials and quality programs.


Engineering Support

Where our clients need  timely, cost effective industrial engineering in both brown field and greenfield, Speedshift works with GN2 to deliver above and beyond traditional engineering engagements.

Speedshift leverages industry leading partners to consistently deliver project excellence to our clients.

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